Thursday, November 26, 2009

God has really blessed me in so many different ways. When I was younger, I could've never imagined that I would be married with 2 daughters.

I love my little girls, my heart aches when I think about how much I love them!

Sometimes I will catch my 2 year old playing by herself, lost in her own little world, and I'll just watch her quietly. Tears come to my eyes when I think that someday she will be grown. I try so hard to hang on to those moments, but they pass too quickly. To me there's nothing more precious than the innocence of a child. I long for the day when I will know that innocence again. When I no longer have to wrestle away horrible thoughts, or battle against my corrupt heart, and my sinful flesh. When purity is restored and everything is as it should be.

One of my favorite hymns talks about that day....

There is coming a day
When no heatrtache shall come
No more clouds in the sky
No more tears to dim the eye
All is peace forevermore
On that happy golden shore
What a day, glorious day, that will be

There'll be no sorrow there
No more burdens to bear
No more sickness, no pain
No more parting over there
And forever I will be
With the one who died for me
What a day, glorious day, that will be

What a day that will be
When my Jesus I shall see
When I look upon His face
The One who saved me by His grace
When He takes me by the hand
And leads me through the promised land
What a day, glorious day, that will be

I once asked someone, "Who do you miss the most?". She answered, "Jesus."
I had to meditate on that for while. Most people would have answered by naming a family member or close friend who passed away, or someone they haven't seen in a long time. But how much more should we long to see our Saviour? To finally see what He looks like! To behold absolute perfection, grace, mercy, love, everything that is good and holy and pure! I can't even imagine it myself let alone try to describe it. I just know it's gonna be good!

I don't wish to die, but we cannot escape the inevitable. I'm going to try my best to live my life in preparation for eternity. I so long to hear those words, "Well done, my good and faithful servant"


  1. Keep up the good work Daisy!! You're an encouragement to others. Your blog is pretty too!"What a Day That will be", is also my favorite song. Praise the Lord for great Hymns!!

  2. What a beautiful post...brings you to thought and meditation to God. Bless you.